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Enoz Trap-N-Kill A-G-O Mosquito Trap Refills

$ 28.88

Trap-N-Kill A-G-O Mosquito Trap Refills keep your traps operating constantly. The A-G-O Mosquito Trap works by imitating a breeding spot for mosquitoes. The design allows mosquitoes to enter the chamber, where they will be unable to escape due to the metal screen and sticky trap inside.

  • Controls mosquitoes that may carry West Nile Virus, Dengue Fever, Yellow Fever, & Chikungunya
  • 2 refills included
  • Season long control
  • No zapping, lotions, sprays or electrical cords
  • For use with the Trap-N-Kill A-G-O Mosquito Trap


Instructions for Use:

To assemble trap:

  • Insert metal screen in bottom half of capture chamber and lock in place with the metal wire, by pressing wire down over the screen.
  • Pull apart sticky boards. Insert 1 sticky board into the catch chamber, STICKY SIDE FACING TOWARD CENTER. Store extra sticky boards in a cool dry place by folding in half (glue inside).
  • Lock the capture chamber halves by inserting tabs and rotating counterclockwise.
  • Add clean water to the trap, up to overflow holes. Add 1 ounce of hay or local dried grass (not included) to the water. This creates an infusion that attracts mosquitoes.
  • Securely attach the lid to the trap. (If the lid has tear tab, remove tab before attaching lid to trap).
  • Seal the capture chamber by firmly pressing into hole of the lid.
  • Place traps on the ground, near or under vegetative.


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