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Enoz BioCare Clothes Moth Traps

$ 11.99

Clothes moths are attracted to materials such as wool, hair, fur, feathers, and other natural fibers. The lure attracts adult moths, trapping them on the sticky pad and alerting you of a clothing moth infestation.

  • Pesticide free
  • Lasts up to 3 months
  • Pheromone lures attracts male moths
  • 2 pre-assembled traps & lures included
  • Pair with Enoz Moth Balls to eliminate clothing moths


Instructions for Use:

Safe for use in food-handling and food storage areas.

  • Cut open lure packet. Drop one lure from packet directly onto each trap as shown below. To prevent compromising effectiveness, do not touch lures.
  • For best results, use 2 traps at a time and place where moths have been seen.
  • Replace traps every 3 months or when full of moths. Use until no moths are caught for 6-9 months before discontinuing use.
  • In case of skin contact, use vegetable oil to remove.

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