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BioCare Window Fly Trap

BioCare Window Fly Trap

$ 4.99

The BioCare® Window Fly Trap uses a non-toxic, long lasting and disposable sticky fly trap to keep flies down - without poisons or noxious sprays. The BioCare Window Fly Trap uses a special UV dye which flies are especially attracted to, making this trap the best choice for controlling house flies. Removes cleanly from windows. Simple, effective and easy to use.  Contains 4 traps.


The Window Fly Trap attracts and captures all types of flies in homes. Flies reproduce rapidly in the summer. Flies are annoying, contaminate foods and can carry diseases. The Window Fly Trap works by acting as a bright spot on the window which attracts flies such as house flies, cluster flies, little house flies, garbage flies, blow flies, flesh flies, blue bottle flies and more. Long term use of the Window Fly Trap can reduce fly problems without the use of toxic chemicals.


Peel off the white strip from the back of the trap to expose the mounting strip. Attach the trap along the edge of the window where it will not contact drapes, blinds or their cords. Peel the front release paper QUICKLY to expose the sticky front of the Window Fly Trap. Use more traps for best results. Traps can also be used on tile, metal or wooden surfaces or walls where flies are seen. If used in food display cabinets, replace traps every day. Replace traps when full or every 3 months. Dispose of old traps in regular garbage. In case of contact, glue can be removed with vegetable oil.

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