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Ty-D-Bol Blue Toilet Bowl Cleaner

$ 12.99
Ty-D-Bol's Blue, In-Tank Toilet Bowl Tablets automatically cleans and deodorizes your toilet with a signature blue "Clean You Can See". Drop the tablet in your toilet tank to activate powerful detergents that automatically keep your toilet bowl clean between scrubbings. Wrapped in a special, water-soluble coating to prevent direct contact, our Blue Tablets are proven safe for plumbing & septic.
  • Powerful Detergents Helps Keep Your Toilet Bowl Clean "In Between" Scrubbings
  • Prevents Limescale Deposits and Rust Stains caused by Hard Water
  • Blue Detergents Provide a Continuous "Clean You Can See"
  • Cleans and Deodorizes with Every Flush
  • Safe for Plumbing and Septic Systems

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