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No Zone Mosquito Trap Refills

No Zone Mosquito Trap Refills

$ 6.99

Each Refill box contains 3 refills, that's enough to refill 3 traps or one trap 3 times.

The Mosquito Trap-N-Kill® products can be used as part of an effective mosquito control program against the type of mosquitoes that can carry diseases such as dengue, chikungunya, West Nile virus, and yellow fever.  Each Refill box contains parts to rebait 3 traps. 

Made in USA.


Female mosquitoes recognize this as a site to lay their eggs. Mosquitoes entering the trap will be killed or die shortly thereafter. Mosquitoes breed in standing water found outdoors in containers, pots, planters, gutters, tires, tree-holes, and low-laying areas regularly for best results. Traps should be placed in shaded areas out of reach of children and pets. Space traps 25 feet apart. Do not use on tables intended for serving food.


  • Check water level weekly, fill to the bottom of the drain hole as necessary.
  • Replace the pesticide tab and velour strip every 10 weeks.
  • We recommend 4-6 traps per small lot and up to 30 traps per acre outside of inhabited buildings.

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