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BioCare Flea Trap Capture Pads

BioCare Flea Trap Capture Pads

$ 5.99

The BioCare® Flea Trap Capture Pads last for up to 3 months or until filled with up to 10,000 fleas. Package contains 3 capture pads. Simply dispose of the old capture pad from the trap. Peel the paper cover from the sticky and place into your trap. Made in USA.

Fleas are attracted to the heat and light. They jump towards and onto the trap, falling between the grid to land, out of sight, on the sticky below.


Place the flea trap at or near the places where fleas are present. This is often where your pet sleep, rests, eats and walks. Position your trap so that fleas can see it. Fleas only go to the trap when they can see the light. Locations under furniture are very effective, but skirting around the furniture can impact results. Use several traps for best coverage and superior results. Leave the traps on ALL the time for best effects. The trap is a permanent system which will remove fleas for many years when properly maintained.

  1. Activate the capture pad by pulling the release paper from the board.
  2. Remove the place the sticky paper in the base of the trap. Sticky side up!
  3. Place the protective screen over the sticky pad. This keeps the glue board safely protected from unintentional catches and hides the fleas. Fleas will still easily fall through and get caught.
  4. Place your trap near the suggested locations or where fleas have been spotted.
  5. Replace the glue board when full or after 3-6 months depending on dust buildup.

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